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We are connected to our child on a molecular level

It’s amazing to me how something so beautiful came from me. To think...I created that. ❤️ It’s pretty wild if you really stop to think about it. We are connected to our child on a molecular level. Isn’t that mind blowing?

Here, let me share a story that someone shared with me that has stuck with me. It’s not the happiest of stories, but it changed me.

A mother with with her daughter in the hospital who was pronounced brain dead and in a coma. The mother noticed that when doctors would come in the daughters blood pressure would rise and when they would leave the room it would fall. The mother asked the doctor

“If she is brain dead, how could that be possible?”
The doctor said “You and your daughter are connected on a molecular level. The reason her stats change is because your levels change. The connection between a mother and her child is one of the strongest connections out there.”

To think that you are so connected to someone that it could effect them like that is out of this world to me. And honestly when I heard that story I realized I needed to be more mindful... of my temper.. my actions.

What I was say and do effects them.. on a cellular level.

So, I 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 to be better.. Because they are counting on me and I never want to let them down.


Here are some Motherhood Mantras that I want to share with you. I hope they help you as much as they help me. Feel free to print these out and tape them to your mirror, journal, desk, dashboard, fridge or anywhere else to give yourself a loving reminder.

Tip: To print, right click and open image in a new tab. Click on the new tab and hit Ctrl + P and viola! You can also right click and save the images to your desktop and print from there. ❤


Love you, Mama. Please remember to be kind to yourself.

You are beautiful, you are capable, YOU ARE WORTHY.


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