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Tips for At Home Haircuts

One benefit from this stay at home order is that we now have one pretty cute personal hair stylist here at the house. 😍 Haha, He will brush your hair until the cows come home, but just a fair warning, he isn’t the most gentle stylist. 😅

But in all realness, I’m pretty impressed with my ability to dive right into cutting everyone’s hair. Especially since I only have a pair of old scissors and a comb.🙈😂 I was terrified I would ruin everyone’s hair, but I told myself this joke that my father in law says all the time:

“Do you know the difference between a good hair cut and a bad haircut?”
“Two weeks!🤣👌🏼“

So, how about you guys? Are you taking the plunge like me and diving right into at home hair cuts or are you trying to wait until you can go back to the salon?

Either way, here are some tips that could possibly help you along the way.


Tips for at home haircuts

Wet Straight Hair, Dry Curly Hair.

There are SO many different hair types so remember that not all hair is created equal. It's easy to try and mimic what your stylist does at the salon, but just remember they are trained to do what they do...and we..well we are here reading home hair cut tips. 😂 If you have very straight hair, you’ll need to keep your hair wet so that you can get each snip perfectly even. However, curly hair can look entirely different when it’s wet than when it’s dry so it’s safer to cut it dry, in its natural state.

Separate your hair into sections

The point of sectioning your hair is so that it’s more manageable to work with. By sectioning, it's easier to see whether your hair is symmetrical. As long as the sections are the same on either side of your head, you can have as many sections as you like.

Start with small cuts.

Don’t try to do anything drastic. Remember you can always trim more off, but once the hair is gone you can’t put it back. I have honestly just been doing trims and holding out on any fancy hair cuts for my hair stylist when I feel comfortable going back in for an appointment.

Try to avoid kitchen shears.

If you can buy some hair cutting scissors on amazon for cheap, do that. Kitchen shears are very sharp and can split the hairs over time making it difficult to correct at the salon. If you can’t buy new scissors, just keep that in mind. I've personally been using these little scissors that have been in our home office for years. They have been doing okay sooo... fingers crossed it stays that way.

Pay attention to the direction of your hair.

When cutting the boys hair, I always try to be aware of my scissors and the way their hair naturally falls. I try to go with the direction of the hair and make sure that it’s parted the way it normally would be before I start cutting.

Shoot for Longer

This is the best tip!! Always aim longer than you want your hair to be! Trimming your hair a little longer than your desired length is a good idea for two reasons.One, if you make a mistake, you’ve got some room to fix it. Two, if you are cutting your hair while it’s wet, when it dries it will usually look shorter.

Watch YouTube tutorials!

I feel like this one can be SUPER helpful. To actually see someone doing it really helps throughout the process.

Also one last thing

I hope these tips help and if all else fails, it's just like my father in law always says

"wait a couple weeks and try again!" ❤️

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