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Mental Health Matters

Would you believe that this person suffers with mental illness? That what is so easy for some is a struggle for her? Something as simple as getting out of bed or taking a shower?

Never judge a book by its cover.

I hate that so many people are afraid to speak up or seek help because society has created a negative stigma attached to those inflected with mental illness.

I want to break that stigma and speak openly about mental health and recovery and healthy options whether that be medication, eating better, acupuncture, oils or a weekly meeting with a psychiatrist.

Mental health matters and we have to break down this barrier down and offer more support and understanding to those in need.

If you’ve been following my journey on Instagram then you already know the plethora of stressors going on in my life currently. In case you’re not following us there (we would love if you did) here’s a fast recap:

  1. Moved across the country 22 weeks pregnant - to a place with no friends or my family around.

  2. Had Twins

  3. Lost my entire identity

  4. Brother commits suicide

  5. Mother diagnosed with stage 3 Lung Cancer

  6. Grandmother, Uncle and brother in law diagnosed with cancer

  7. Confirmed diagnosis of Postpartum Depression OCD and anxiety

  8. Moved and Bought a home

  9. Very close friend dies suddenly.

  10. Return to the workforce/ kids go to preschool

  11. Everett considered on the spectrum with sensory issues

  12. Wife loses job due to COVID-19 Causing us to lose insurance and live off savings.

  13. After 4 months Wife moves 2 hours away for work and can only come home on the weekends

  14. Several battles with family regarding the raising of our twins

  15. HUGE fight/fallout with said family

  16. Parents getting divorce after 40 years of marriage

  17. Mother Moves in with us

  18. Move from part time to full time at work

Okay, I think you’re up to speed. I didn’t realize how much major life changes I had been through until my therapist pointed it out. Not all of these are bad, but they are all major life changes and have an impact on your mental health. I haven’t really coped with any of it... I keep hearing “you’re handling everything so well”.. but that’s because I feel nothing inside. It’s almost as if I’m vacant..and just wandering around on autopilot. That is, until recently.

I have been having these Brittney Spears type of impulses. You know, The shave your head and break a car window type.

My intrusive thoughts and OCD has reached a new high. after cutting all my hair off, partially shaving my head and randomly cutting my own bangs I figured I needed to start seeing my therapist again.

I dreaded our last zoom session. It was one of those “Oh hey, I know we haven’t talked in forever. Listen to all the crap you’ve missed while I was away” type of deals. The look on her face was like “Damn, anything else?”.😂

But, I do feel better after our talk. I definitely waited too long to jump back into therapy, but I’m here now! I think the first step in recovery is realizing there is a problem and then seeking help. Even if it’s just reaching out to a friend or family member. Hell, anyone. Just speaking up and saying “I’m not okay” And not being ashamed of that fact.

Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness. You’re not in the minority if you’re suffering with mental illness. You’re in the majority. It just takes courage to break the stigma and speak up.

if you ever need someone to talk to, please message me. you can always email me as well:


Hang in there! And remember to be kind. You never know what someone else is going through.



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