• Ada Rommel

High Tech Feeder Recognizes Which Pet to Feed!

#Ad Tanner is waiting SO patiently for his food in his new @PortionPro feeder!! This is the first pet feeder of its kind. It delivers the right amount of food to only the correct pet! All other pets in the home are denied access through their patented RFID tag system. 🙌🏼 It also keeps our twins from eating out of his bowl. 😂🙌🏼 👶🏼 👶🏼 .

We also love that they are a company of pet lovers who have pet health and wellness in the forefront of their minds. It also doesn't hurt that they make feeding time easy as pie for us pet parents.🥧 .



Do you have multiple pets? If so, then you probably deal with feeding time woes. Food stealing, food guarding, and overeating are just some of the problems pet parents face. Even single pet homes need to revolve their schedules around feeding time. @portionpro takes the worry away by letting you know that your pet will be fed the right amount at the right time, while their unique RFID system ensures that only the correct pet gets to eat from their particular feeder. 🐶🐱

Click the link below to take advantage of PortionPro's 50% off sale!!😍 .


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