• Ada Rommel

First Time Home Buyers!

So we did a thing! We are officially homeowners! Yes, this photo is edited. Real life happened and we’ve been unable to get a good photo. #momlife 😂 We’ve literally have been SO excited to share this news with everyone. I think we are killing this #adulting thing! 💪🏼

This was a pretty fluid transition. I can’t believe how smoothly everything has gone. I credit a lot of that to our realtor, Doug Howell With the Chad Wilson Group. He was SERIOUSLY so patient and kind. We can’t say enough good things! Are you considering buying a home? Here are some of our tips:

💸 Find a home that’s within your budget. Trust me when we say they will approve you for 3x the amount that you can actually afford. You don’t want to be house poor. Here’s the calculator we used to help us determine how much house we could actually afford:


🏠 Make sure to check out the schools and neighboring homes, subdivisions and neighborhoods. I can’t tell you how many homes we passed up because the neighboring streets were sketchy. We also checked out if there were any sex offenders close by. It’s crazy that you have to do that, but it’s super important.

📈Credit is important so make sure to check your credit history, dispute anything (you’ll be surprised at home many times they just take it off your credit report!). Reach our to any companies that have an negative open account in your report. They will let you close it for a fraction of the amount reported. If you need more useful tips read ”Total Money Make Over” by Dave Ramsey. Here’s the link:


🚛 Don’t forget to factor in homeowners insurance, HOA fees and moving expenses when setting your moving budget. Movers alone can set you back thousands. We rented a uhual and hired movers for the bigger items and furniture.

Thank you so much for checking out our blog. we hope you find these tips helpful!

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