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Co-Sleeping : Am I a bad parent?

Let me preface this blog post by saying I do not or would not ever judge a person based on their parenting choices when it comes to hot button parental topics such as co-sleeping, breastfeeding, pacifiers, vaccines etc. I simply want to talk about this specific topic as I am currently living it at home. Whatever parenting style you’re doing, you’re doing it perfectly in your own way. You’re an Amazing parent and don’t you ever think otherwise!


Almost every night now, Foster wanders into

our room and crawls into bed with us. I honestly look forward to the small sound of those tiny feet pitter pattering down the hall. I adore him sleeping next to me. He is such a sweet boy and I love being so close to him. Laura and I ask ourselves more than once “Are we being bad parents?”.. Thinking on it now it seems to silly to think that. It’s so easy to let society decide what’s “normal” that sometimes we forget to really act on our own beliefs and desires. We’ve had people share their opinions on co-sleeping and what they believe to be creating a co-dependent relationship that is taking away Foster’s ability to self soothe. We just don’t share that same belief. Think about it this way, Foster is at a huge emotional point right now in his growth. He has so many emotions and no real way to communicate his needs, wants or feelings.Sometimes adding that extra emotional support is what is truly needed. He’s only little once and we all cherish these little moments together. I’m in no rush to hurry him along to his own big boy room (as selfish as that sounds 😅). He’s my guy... and in this current moment in time, for whatever reason, he needs some extra love. And I’m okay with that. I personally could use a good cuddle or two myself! Even if it does mean that I occasionally end up with a knee in the back or an elbow in the side.😂

That Mama guilt people talk about? It’s so real. I probably beat myself up a thousand times a day wondering if I made the right parenting decision. Wondering if I am doing the right things so that our children can grow up to be amazing well rounded humans. It’s tough, this parenting thing, and if you choose to go against the grain no matter what society tells you is acceptable, deeming it doesn’t cause physical, psychological or emotional damage, then you trust your gut and hold your head high. You’re the parent. You know what’s best for you and your family. Don’t ever forget that. There’s a saying that has always stuck with me

”Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business”

Don‘t compare, listen to your gut and trust your instincts. You got this!

And of course if you need a friend to talk to I'm Always here to listen.



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