• Ada Rommel

Christmas Must Have Item

#Ad This week our house has had a bad case of the croup. We’ve had several trips to the Childrens Hospital and specialty center. Did you know adults could get the croup? I sure didn’t and here I am glued to the bed. Thankfully this huggable pillow takes gives me some of the extra comfort I so desperately need! The microgel fibers don't retain heat and you can throw the entire pillow into the wash for easy cleaning. It's wrinkle-free, breathable and naturally contours to your head, neck and shoulders. Plus, it doesn't go flat like almost every other pillow I've tried!

I also like knowing that I can try this for over 100 days and it comes with a 5 year warranty and free shipping. There's really nothing to lose when it comes to this pillow.

GhostPillow - Faux Down is a product of GhostBed by Nature's Sleep, which makes a mattress that Consumer Reports rated very good or excellent in every category. It’s a must try! Check out the link to try it for yourself!🙌🏼 We are also adding this to our “great gift for anyone” section on our christmas favs list. ❤️🎄 #christmasgiftideas #ghostpillow #christmasmusthaves



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