• Ada Rommel

Behind every smile, there’s worry.

Everett abandoned this little guy in the flower bed... and I’m not sure why I decided to photograph it before picking it up and chucking in back in the toy bin. Everything with Covid-19 the last few weeks has been so solemn and I guess it was nice to see something beautiful and vibrant for once. I’ve stopped listening to the news or reading the paper online. I guess I’ve just decided that ignorance is bliss. I can’t take hearing the death toll rising or the impending question mark that is stamped on this pandemic and our lives.

We are living day to day at this point. We are anxious, scared and tired. Will my wife go back to work? Will she get a new job? Will the unemployment credit run out in July? Will we have enough money to pay for our house or groceries? Will we be able to pay for our AC repairs totaling over $15,000? Will my wife’s benefits run out? The list goes on and on and on. I’m not scared of what is known. I can handle that. The real tangible facts. It’s the unknown that I can’t cope with. The constant worry nagging in the back of our minds. Behind every smile, there’s worry.

The “what ifs” can get you into trouble. It’s a dangerous game to play, Especially when you’re already depressed and anxious. So, what do we do? We have children who depends on us. They look for us to be the strong ones..even when breaking down feels like the only option.

We make changes that will provide self emotional support and reassurance.
  1. Focusing on what we can control. - The what if game is dangerous and can led you down a dark path. Focus on things that you can control. Try to set the rest aside.

  2. Practicing self care. - I personally need to work on this one because it’s really important. When you don’t take care of yourself your energy is down and that creates a trickle effect throughout your life. As they say “ Shit rolls downhill”. When you’re taking care of yourself and your energy is high the things in your life tend to follow suit.

  3. Taking it one day at a time. Sometimes one minute at a time. - When we look the entire picture at once it can be very overwhelming. That’s why breaking things down and focusing on things piece by piece really helps shed anxiety.

  4. Focusing on the bigger picture : Family, Health, Safety - For you this may be a little different. I chose these for my personal big picture. Try to remember that there is a bigger picture and what that means to you.

  5. Getting creative with income and resources. - I truly feel that now is the time to jump in and try out new ways to rake in the dough. From Beachbody coaching to ubereats, DoorDash, lularoe etc. There‘s a ton of creative ways to make money. Hell, I’ve started watch ad videos for 15 cents a video. I’m already at 60 cents!😂🙏🏼 If there’s a will, there’s a way! 🌱

In the midst of all this, I do have to say I’m thankful for our family getting back to what’s important. Each other. This pandemic has forced us together and I’m so thankful for that.

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