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💦Bathtub Learning💦

Updated: May 7, 2020

Is it just me, or have you noticed that a lot of learning takes place during bath time? I feel like this really is the only time of the day that the twins are truly focused on whatever we are learning (shapes, colors, numbers, etc). Of course, we sing and try to learn throughout the day, but for some reason bathtime is the golden hour where they are both really into whatever we are teaching during that time.

This week we have been practicing our animals. You can see Foster is holding a fox in this photo. He’s learned the Letter F and how his name has an F so F things have been his go to things...including that one time I ran into the coffee table and said the ultimate F word. Yeah, that was his favorite “F” word for the ENTIRE day, but that’s a story for a another day.😂

We have been using those foam bath toys that float and stick to the side of the tub when they are wet. Perfect for bath time learning. Our set had numbers and animals which was a great 2 in one deal. Another fun item we have tried is bath paint. I mean, the kids just that that’s so much fun. We usually paint numbers and count. Foam blocks have been another great bath time learning tool. Stacking, counting and colors usually go well with those. We also love the bath blocks that are similar to the rubber duck material. The ones we have have numbers, animals and are all different colors so there we use them a lot when learning.

I think the kids are having fun and that’s why they are so engaged during that short window of time. Of course, I really don’t know that for sure, but I’ve been taking advantage and teaching what I can during the bath time window.

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of bath time learning? Is that even a thing?🤣 Tell us what you think! 👇🏼

PS We got our Foam Bath toys from @loovitips 🐸

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